File Tracking System : Making approvals simple!

While getting to know the working of the file movement tracking system, let us first take a look at what file movement actually is! It is a web-based centralized file tracking system that can be accessed over the internet.

For institutions that have the faculties located all over the globe, it becomes hectic to get the approval of the proposed plans. Consistent efforts are made for the faculties to get together and discuss and coordinate on issues. However, there is more to be done in this area. This is where; the new era of working with ease begins. “File Tracking System” comes to the rescue. This module is used to speed up the file movement in the departments and to know the up-to-date status of those files.

Making this tedious process simpler, MasterSoft ERP Solutions has developed a file tracking system. This lets the institute chop off the dreary wait of over weeks to sign a document. The process goes in the following manner. Every faculty member is assigned a login ID. As soon as one gets into the module, the page displays ‘Main Menu’.

File movement system provides certain features;

  • It generates a unique number or id for a file, which makes it easy to
  • A pdf file can be saved and used for the future references
  • The date of the receipt of the file and that of approval and disapproval can be tracked
  • The pending reports can be sorted
  • A summary of the track is generated

There is a number of benefits of implementing file tracking system.

This system eliminates the third interference and deals with minor details of the file. The corrections done are easy and the quick access to the pending, approved and disapproved files make the use easy.

Following is a summary of the process of the file movement, offered by MasterSoft Solutions,

The ‘File Movement’ will be offered in the Administration option. File Movement offers three options, Master, Transaction, and Report.

mastersoft - file tracking system

This offers very basic functions, such as submit, edit or modify, browse, cancel, reset and view.

Again the tab Master will offer three options, Section Master, File Creation and Document Type. Once you select, Section Master, the Department will be listed, followed by a ‘user name’ and a ‘receiver name’. Followed by which there is a need to create the ‘document type’. It can be a file, letter, proposal file, purchase file or a note approval. The type of the document will convey the kind of approval required.

file tracking system 2

Once the file has been created by a particular user, he becomes the owner. A file number is given to the file and it is assigned to the concerned authority who is supposed to check the details.

Once all the details are entered, the document is attached, which is usually in a .pdf format. The interesting part about this module is it takes place from the user level. And user names are already assigned to all as mentioned above these can be teaching, non- teaching and admin staff. The involvement of actual user is the unique character of the module. The third party involvement in receiving the file is eliminated.

The module also offers multiple documents attach option, this helps in sending more than one file. The file once attached can be tracked by the owner. This is done through the ‘status’ that appears at the bottom.

Once the file is received by the user, the user downloads it, checks it. If the file is not appropriate, the user has the liberty to not approve the file and leave a remark for the owner. This second user can share the file with the owner (default) and another user. Once the owner receives it, he corrects the file then sends again. The user then when decides to approve it, sends back the approved, digitally signed file. This goes on for the number of users involved in the discussion.

MasterSoft offers 24 hours seven days support and makes sure the users are not hit by the eleventh-hour crisis. File movement eases the whole tedious process of the approvals and the makes it convenient for the staff to get on board with the final process.


Education ERP implementation tips for schools and colleges

In a fast changing world with everything going digital right from shopping to studies, it is time we think about online studies more often. ERP is the changing face of education and colleges and schools are adopting them to adjust the sails according to the winds of change of an institute. However, implementing an Education ERP software gets tough for the new user’s that includes various schools and colleges that used the traditional system for a long time.

To save the efforts, here are certain implementation tips that will help you get past the struggle:

  • The first and the most important part to get through the process are to choose the correct education ERP. Only when an education institute selects a perfect, useful ERPit is all set to get the hands on the best resources and functions. The selection of an ERP decided in what manner an institute is going to work. Also, various ERPs have various different elements. All elements and functions cannot be found in one ERP. Hence, the selection is the most important step of implementation. Only when one selects a correct ERP, the task for its implementation gets easier. Choose the ERP that the researchers think is the best according to the need of your education institution.
  • For the successful implementation of ERP is required to have trained staff looks after it. Only when proper training is provided to the staff and the teachers, its usage becomes easier. It is then the duty of the teachers and the other staff to use the ERP to the fullest for all the tasks and efficiently take care of all the provisions made in the system. The training sessions are conducted by the ones who develop the ERP through personal or video tutorials. MasterSoft, a leading name in the field of education ERP also provides such tutorials to ease out the work of the trusted clients.
  • After the institute starts using the ERP, it has to be open to all the changes that would later be suggested by the developer or the researcher. It is then the duty of the institute to work towards the implementation as per the requirement and need according to the changing atmosphere in the field of education.
  • An education EERP will undergo a number of upgrades. It is hence, advisable to all the education institutes to adapt effectively to the change. As a SmartPhone gets updated time and again, a higher education ERP is also needed to be updated. This update will make a certain amount of changes in the ERP and it is hence required, that for effective implementation of ERP, an institute may it be school or college must be open to the change.
  • Never ever implement an ERP in one go. A dynamic exposure to staff would not yield any beneficial results. Always move ahead in a step by step manner. A lot of information about anything is dangerous and there are chances that numerous things might get ruined. Hence, never give out loads of data that one cannot remember, always look for ways to provide all the required information slowly at all the fronts.
  • For the best implementation of anything, it always advisable to have a core team to look after it. Hence for ERP in the higher education system, it is preferred to have one team to handle the task of looking after the ERP, including its maintenance. The limited and better team will prevent the entire chaotic situation and ease the burden on all the staff members.
  • The team looking after the maintenance of the education ERPmust be offered targets to complete. The one who completes the target in less time must be given rewards so as to build the interest. The more the participation, faster will be the implementation of higher education ERP. People tend to work for the targets and achieve them in a faster manner.
  • Once an education institute decides to implement the education ERP, it must facilitate the maximum use of the ERP. Only when the ERPcomes to use on a daily basis by the students as well as teachers it will gain momentum and it will become a habit for everyone at the institute to include the ERP as its system.

Implementing ERP is not a tough task. The education system must be open to all the things and the changes that will come along once ERP comes its way. Implementing an ERP makes the things easy for the institution; however, it takes time to get the hands on the usage. It is hence required to build a strong foundation of accepting the change while using the technology. The institute should not shy away from asking for help to the developers. It should also look after the requirements of the institute and work things out for better implementation.

MasterSoft offers an ERP e-governance solutions to all types of schools and higher education institutions. We have 1700+ clientele in all over India which includes NITs, IIIT, State & central universities, schools etc. We offer customized education erp solutions as per client requirement.

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MasterSoft is the best education ERP provider in India. We have 1700+ clientele in all over India which includes NITs, IIIT, state and central universities, schools, etc.